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3D lettering and logos

Acrylic Lettering

Acrylic lettering or perspex as it is commonly known has the advantage of a “glassy” look to it which can look stunning in the right setting. It can either be bonded straight onto a fascia or placed on locators to make it stand off providing a natural drop shadow.

There is a good range of colours available and life expectancy is 10 years plus.

We can also provide built up acrylic lettering for a genuine 3D effect. Although somewhat more expensive (they have to be assembled by hand) this type of lettering represents the pinnacle in acrylic texts.

Stainless Steel Lettering

Stainless steel text is one of our most popular ranges, despite the inherent expense involved. The finish (available in either polished or brushed) is second to none and the image it portrays is one of class, precision and complete professionalism.

Tastefully used there is nothing that will convey more to your potential customers the sense that they will be dealing with a company that has these qualities in abundance. Cut by laser to avoid discolouration, this lettering can be bonded directly to a fascia, fixed by means of soldered brass locators or, for lettering which is very difficult to remove, chemically anchored to brickwork with spot welded studs.

It is available both flat cut and built up for a genuine Steel effect.

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