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Laser Engraving

Thanks to our latest acquisition, our Trotec Speedy 300 Laser Engraver / Cutter, we can now engrave and cut a wide range of materials up to a maximum size of roughly 700mm x 400mm

These include acrylic, plastics, wood, leather, glass and aluminium to mention a few.

Here are some of the things we can now do in house:

  • Laser engraved glasses, bottles & gifts
  • Awards and trophies in glass, wood or acrylic
  • Laser engraved corporate gifts in small or large quantities
  • Laser engraved business cards
  • Rating Plates
  • Laser engraved  house signs

The list is endless, if you have something unusual and want it engraved contact us and we’ll see if it can be done.

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