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Factory and Office Signs

We offer a variety of external signs to provide your offices with a professional appearance right from the outset.

If you require a fascia why not consider Frame and Board. These represent the most inexpensive method of providing a professional looking fascia for your office front. As the name suggests these comprise an aluminium frame either anodised (silver) or powder coated to a colour of your choice with a board free hanging within made from pvc foam, or acrylic for a glass like effect, similarly there are a wide range of colours available in both categories. Once again when you have chosen your frame and board you can then decide what sort of lettering and logos you would like.

Fascia signs – Aluminium Sign Box

To give your fascia increased depth (and allow for internal illumination) we offer the aluminium sign box. An aluminium frame either anodised or powder coated usually 100mm to 150mm deep with either pvc foam or acrylic panel inserts and the lettering of your choice.

Fascia signs – Aluminium Tray Sign

For the ultimate clean edged fascia the aluminium tray sign is the choice. Dependant on the overall height required the depth may be varied to suit and it is available in sections for long fascias. Powder coated to a colour of your choice the aluminium tray provides an ideal substrate for any style of lettering but especially built up (Steel) letters.

Flat cut and built up lettering in its various guises is an elegant yet understated way to promote your business’s presence. Click on the links below for details of what we offer.

If your grounds allow, a sign on posts is another way of promoting your presence. These come in a variety of different styles from the simple to more elaborate designs please contact us for details.

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